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 Proof IUDs are NOT Abortifacients

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Proof IUDs are NOT Abortifacients Empty
PostSubject: Proof IUDs are NOT Abortifacients   Proof IUDs are NOT Abortifacients EmptyTue Sep 09, 2008 10:02 am

Quote :
No studies show that IUDs destroy developing embryos at rates higher than those found in women who are not using contraceptives. Studies of early pregnancy factors have not shown statistically significant differences in transient levels of hCG between IUD and control groups, a sign of early abortion.

variety of studies demonstrate that IUD use diminishes both the number of sperm reaching the oviduct and their capacity to fertilize ova. Depending on the type of IUD and the drug dose, sperm are hindered from penetrating cervical mucus, are phagocytized by leukocytes, are incapacitated, with head-tail separation in the presence of copper, and suffer other cytotoxic effects in the IUD-altered uterine fluid. In the oviducts of copper-IUD users, ova are found significantly less frequently than in controls.

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Proof IUDs are NOT Abortifacients
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