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 New Abortion Discussion Board- AbortionDiscussion.com

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PostSubject: New Abortion Discussion Board- AbortionDiscussion.com   New Abortion Discussion Board- AbortionDiscussion.com EmptySun Jul 26, 2009 10:30 pm

Would you like to change opinions in the abortion debate? Would you like to participate in discussion or debate that welcomes all viewpoints without advocating one? Are you tired of unexplained server downtime? If so, you will definitely be interested in a great new abortion discussion board called AbortionDiscussion.com! I created AbortionDiscussion.com because I was not happy with the available abortion talk sites.

A major problem with many of the existing sites is low quality authorship. Many of the threads and posts are poorly written and riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, few authoritative sources, and poorly developed or uninteresting ideas. Low quality posts result in a less valuable experience for the audience. Low quality also hurts participants because it drives away the audience, thus denying the participants opportunities to impart knowledge and change opinions. To make matters worse, low quality is a problem that perpetuates itself on discussion boards because participants will not invest the time necessary to create high quality posts if they are obscured by a large number of low-quality posts.

Another problem with many abortion boards is bias. Bias is extremely destructive because, if the advocates of a particular viewpoint think their views are being discriminated against, they will refuse to participate in what they see as an advocacy site for opposing views. As a result, the remaining participants will be denied the opportunity to change the opinions of those with whom they disagree.

Yet another major problem with many abortion boards is unexplained server downtime. Unexplained server downtime is very aggravating.

AbortionDiscussion.com is designed to solve all three of those major problems. Quality will be upheld by imposing rules designed to discriminate against low-quality posts and by refraining from imposing policies that discriminate against provocative posts. Bias will be avoided by not having partisan moderators or administrators and by mimicking C-SPANís example of impartiality. Unexplained server downtime will be avoided by using good site-hosting providers and by leaving messages on the site explaining planned or ongoing availability problems.

I welcome you to visit the site and leave a post. Be sure to subscribe to topics that interest you so you can refrain from repeatedly checking the site.

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New Abortion Discussion Board- AbortionDiscussion.com
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