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 Do Poor People Cause Their Own Poverty?

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Do Poor People Cause Their Own Poverty? - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Do Poor People Cause Their Own Poverty?   Do Poor People Cause Their Own Poverty? - Page 4 EmptyWed May 21, 2008 1:36 pm

im very capable of many things.

im not condoning planned teen pregnancies, but im not going to bash someone for choosing to do so either.
everyone develops at a different levle too dont forget. they could be pretty mature for their age and be able to take on this responsibility.
I mean the teens who dont plan out their pregnancy are able to manage.
I think they mature pretty quickly since a new life will be present soon. They not only have to care and support themselves, but an infant who is innocent and cannot fend for him or herself.
I dont think that ONLY teens have to wait -because they should, i would have liked to, but myself and george can do this together- but adults sometimes are the ones who need to wait too. They sometimes bring a child into the world to make their relationship stronger or better, when in the end, it sometimes makes things worse.
However, waiting too long sometimes is bad for older couples who want children, because fertility levles go down, birth defects go up along with miscarriages, which is why it takes some couples who are older a year to concieve, or for some bringing a child into the world has passed them because they are not able to concieve at all.
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Do Poor People Cause Their Own Poverty?
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