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 second time

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PostSubject: second time   second time EmptyThu Nov 06, 2008 5:55 pm

hi, uhm, you see, earlier, my bf and i had sex.we did it twice. before the second round, he went to the restroom to clean up.he peed twice.he washed his penis twice.he removed the condom and washed the condom at least twice.we did NOT use the condom again. we opened another one. but, i am worried that he TOUCHED the used condom,disposed it, and then he wore another one.

my question is, do you think some of the sperms in the used condom were still alive and were carried on on his hands and were transferred in the new one?

he just put the used condom in a plastic and dried himself for a bit and then he put on the new one. is it really that impossible to carry the sperms in his hand and be transferred to the new one through his hands?

will the sperm get killed if it get washed by water or been wiped in a cloth? please. i need a clarification. thanks in advance.
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second time
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